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Step 1) Talk to everyone you know - even parents who are mostly SAHM sometimes know someone.

Step 2) You can get a listing of child care providers in King County at - the only problem is that they give you a list of EVERYONE in a given geographic area. We ended up with a list of 75 or so providers in our general area. Youch! At least you have a lot of time to call and go and visit providers and check out the vibes. The thing that helped the most for me was to hang out at the dcp's house for awhile and see how she interacted with the kids and how my son liked it.

For price, when I was looking in Seattle 2 years ago for care for my 1-year-old, most places were about $35-50/day. I only found one lady who charged $35 - most were more than that. Centers were generally higher than that, and less flexible in terms of hours.

I didn't have any trouble with cloth diapers. One in-home provider even subscribed to a diaper service.
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