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how do you fold dipes with snappi

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Just got my snappi's in the mail...I am in love
. do your fold your prefolds when you use a snappi? What I did was just trifold and splayed the back out but the legs seem kinda "open". Not an issue with a cover, I guess.

So that leads me to next question....What kind of cover do use over it? I ended up putting a snap wool cover over it (nice...not saggy!) and will also use my soaker. W
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If I'm using my snappi (which I couldn't live without
) I use the bikini twist. It's the only way that I have found to fold it that makes it nice and trim, and tight fitting. When I just use a cover and no snappi, I just do the normal tri-fold. I really prefer using the snappi because it isn't so bulky and it stays in place. I use whatever cover I have. My Kushies covers work quite well, but really all of my covers seem to work fine with my prefolds. Hope you can make it work.
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I do a version of the newspaper fold. Instead of folding the front down, I fold it down in the back (I don't like having all that bulk in the front...looks uncomfy!!). I haven't been able to do the bikini twist and get it tight.

I use Proraps.
ahhh...from the wonderful resource of Karen
I have found lots of info on the folds you all just described (and she is using a Snappi!!! Even more information for me!)
I got a lot of useful folds from Heather's site
I like the bikini twist and the newspaper fold.
I use the bikini twist. For the baby I use either covers from, some acrylic soakers that I made for him, or my favorite nylon pullons from BRU. On my older son, I use wool soakers for nights.
This fold requires a pretty big diaper relative to baby but gives a very snug leg fit.
You can do a different version of the bikini twist if your diapers are smaller. Just leave out that last step of folding down the excess. It works just fine with us, though I have heard of people who couldn't get the hang of this fold. Personally, it is my favorite fold, but I don't think my dd is a heavy wetter.
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