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How do you get rid of a stitch?

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Hey running mamas, I'm wondering if anyone has a good way to quickly work out a stitch in the side while running. I find that if I get one it basically cripples me until it goes away. I can barely breathe let alone run in an upright position.

Any ideas?
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So basically, if someone comes up with a surefire cure for stitches in the side whilst running they'll make a million gazillion dollars?
Plady -- go ahead an ask these questions in the running thread. I rarely look at the main page of fitness threads. I figure the same is true for the others.

Anyways, if you get a stitch, slow down. It works best to try to keep your abdomen and ribcage stretched out and open. Even though the pain makes you want to bend over, straighten up tall and actually work to stretch it out. Sometimes you might even want to put an arm over your head.

Try to tank up on your water earlier. If you've been drinking a lot of water right before going out on a run, try to drink that water something like 30-45 minutes earlier. That should help prevent them as well.
Thanks Geofizz!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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