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How do you get rid of poop stink in a room?

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Ugh- DD has been eating eggs lately and her poop stinks nasty. Her room is gross. She usually poops when I put her down for a nap and I change her in her room and now it is so stinky I can hardly go in there. I open the windows whenever she's not sleeping to get fresh air but it's not helping much plus soon it will be too cold to leave windows open all day. I put a disposable
: on her when I know she's about to poop so I'm able to get the diaper out of the house asap but the smell lingers. Help!!
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air freshener?
did you maybe get some poop on something and didnt notice and thats why the lingering small?

I would get an aromatherapy diffuser and run it when she's not in the room. Real oils....cause the "Glade" type would be too harsh for her to breathe.
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