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how do you get them out of your bed?

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We love cosleeping, but at what point do you stop? My ds is 6 and still has to have my dh sleep in the room with him (separate twin beds) I sleep with the 2 girls in my room. We would like to eventually have my ds sleep by himself, but that also means moving the older dd (almost 3 yrs) out because our bed is not big enough for my dh to sleep with us. What is the best, and easiest way to accomplish this? we want to do it gradual so that nobody has any trouble, but dont know where or how to start
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Hmmm. I'm afraid I'm not going to be very helpful, but at our house it has been an extremely slow, gradual evolution. I have a nearly 7 and a nearly 10 year old who both still sleep with us to some extent. When dd1 was 6, we bought bunk beds for their "room" and she wanted to sleep in there. I began reading to them while they were in their bunks and my 6 year old had no problem falling to sleep while I read. My then 3 year old sometimes fell asleep, sometimes I took her to bed with me. It was her choice. Now, at nearly 7 and 10 with a bedtime routine we stick to most nights, they go to bed in their room without any problem, but often migrate in the middle of the night. Dd1 does this a couple nights a week and dd2 most nights.

So, I think it was the novelty of new beds that really got dd's interested in sleeping in their own room, and it was important that they knew they were welcome in our bed anytime they wanted to join us.

I still love waking up with them in bed with us. I'll be sad when their nightly migrations stop completely. Cosleeping has been wonderful for us, it was something my that my dh wasn't sure about in the beginning but has also come to love.
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I'm so glad I found this thread. I thought I was the only one that had a girls room and a boys room at their house!!! Currently dd and I sleep on a mattress on the floor in the "kids room." And dh and ds sleep in a bed in the "grown ups room." It's been like this for over 1 1/2 years. The kids are 2 and 4. We've also got 2 toddler beds that I'd love the kids to sleep in, in the kids room. I'm going to be watching this thread for some ideas how to go about this.
Have you tried having them sibling co-sleep? Sometimes, it's not so much having mom or dad there but to have SOMEONE ELSE.
I second what Alkenny said!!
That may be your answer.
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