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I'm posting this for someone else but they could really use some advice since they are considering CIO as they don't know what to do. There baby is 7 mo old.

I was still napping with dd at this age for safety reasons (severe reflux and frequentally choked on vomit) but when I did need to sneak away to pee, get a book to read, play on the computer a few feet away, what ever, I would put a firm pillow along her back so she thought she was still snuggled up against me and occasionally if she was really wanting to snuggle I would put something like a rice filled sock (slightly warmed) across her so she thought my arm was around her. Fooled her most of the time
I should add that I did lay down her with while she fell asleep (usually nursed to sleep) then slowly put the stuff in place. Usually took 30-45 min but she would sleep 2.5-3 hours and it meant no crying for either of us
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