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ah yes parenting alone is hard enough but when you feel crappy - fugedabboutit. This past New Year's Day I had some 24 hour flu thing and was feeling way poopy. I dragged myself to take my dd to see a movie early in the day and spent the rest of the day sleeping on and off while she played and watched the Honeymooner's back to back on channel 11.

It's easier when they get older to find time to watch mindless escapist DVD's - I particularly like anthing with Ewan McGregor naked, LOTR, Star Wars, anything with Johnny Depp. Books - not high falutin' brain books but stuff by Janet Evanovich or Anne McCaffrey. I'll call my sister. In the winter I second the bath thing followed by a good trashy book. However, this usually needs to be done after they are asleep which isn't always easy.

So, just to know you are not alone so find a good DVD with a cute guy in it and I second the strong orgasm.

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