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I'm so sorry you are having a rough day. I also take a bath when I'm overwhelmed with stress. I bring in a candle or two, turn off the lights, even bring in a crystal or two (if you have them they are wonderful energy in the bath), and as many yummy smelling bubbles as I can get into the tub! LOL!

I also read a good book. I love to read, and for me, I can really escape my stressful reality a bit when I slip into another world of whatever book I'm reading. My daughter and I go to the library once / week, and I also find some great books at the thrift store for $.50 or $1, so I stockpile them to have on hand.

Also, drinking a nice herbal tea works wonders.

Sometimes though, what I really need is a good cry. I swear that when I'm done with my heartwrenching sobbing, I feel so much lighter and better, and I wonder gee, what was I so upset about anyway. It'll all be ok. And it will. There is always tomorrow.

I hope your son's birthday party is enjoyed by all. I hope you feel better soon.

Take Care,

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