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How do you help crystals and indigos get along?

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Well, now that some members of our little family have been identified as indigos or crystals I need to know how to promote peace among the siblings who happen to be opposite.

The indigo child in this house sometimes drives the crystals nuts. The crystals cannot understand the types of things the indigo does (that includes me, a crystal too).

I guess in a sense they can teach each other their best qualities but the head butting sometimes is intense.

Anybody in the same boat?

BTW, my DH is Indigo and Im Crystal all the way and we get along great!
Its the kids that are having problems sometimes...
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Sorry for the stupid question, but what are indigos and crystals?
Clearly you need to have another child -- a "rainbow" child. Rainbows are the next stage of evolution -- far beyond indigos and crystals. I'm sure a rainbow child could bring harmony to your home.

This article may also be helpful...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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