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We do it but don't use a packaged cirriculum so there is no schedule to follow and we don't have to worry about being behind or ahead. I start Madeline on someting she can do for herself likemath or handwriting and then get Lily going with somehting. Usuallky a few work book pages. Everyone is always in the mood for a story and try to read one picture book and one chapter from a book a day. They both usually listen to both. SOmetimes I will have Madeline read the picture book to Lily and thenshe has done her reading exersize for the day. Spanish is done seperately but could be done together. I like that they hear the lesson twice though. By then Lily is done and I finish up with Madeline those things she can't do on her own. I also wanted to point out we only do about 1-2 hours of school work a day so even if I did completely seperate what they were doing it wouldn't be horrible.

I would say if they got a really big gap between you may want to reevaluate your cirriculum choice. Unit studies work really well for kids who are close but not at the same level. Actually unit studies work pretty well for kids who are miles apart. You are still doing the same stuff at the same time just at different levels and some of the kits com very well planned out if that is what you are looking for.
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