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How do you keep wingless pads from slipping?

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I have some Sweet Cheeks New Moon pads--which I generally love. But they sometimes slide around in my underwear. Any thoughts on securing them? I hate mama pads with wings (it adds to the bulk). I'm also looking for something like the new moon pads, but just a tad slimmer. I'm petite and these are just a tad too wide. They bunch up a little. Does anyone sell anything like this, or should I just try to make my own?


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For the slippage, you could always try a couple of small safety pins (one in front, one back) to hold it in place.
I use New Moons too. If you wear close fitting panties, they will stay in place well. Are you putting the fleece side down against your panties? That is supposed to help them stay in place too. I got into the habit of when using the bathroom, I just hold the top of the pad through mu undies, so it doesn't fall out. I hear ya on them being a little wide. I feel that way too. Sometimes cloth panty liners are made slimmer. I think Sweet Cheeks now makes them & they may be the same thickness. I'd ask her. She has always been very helpful when I had questions. The other kind of cloth pad I am considering is the kind that comes in a square and you fold it to fit. I think hagrags make them, and some others.
I just got my Sweet CHeeks this week. They don't slide if wearing snug underwear, particularly cotton. I also got some from and actually prefer them. I didn't think I'd like the wings, but ya know, I love them more! the Sweet Cheeks ones tend to bunch up width-wise in the middle.

So between the two, I'm ordering more Perfect Pads from
Thanks for the info about Gigglebuns Lea. I just checked them out & they look good. I have the width problem w/Newmoon pads too.
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