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What do you do with clean dry diapers?

  • I snap up my fitteds, stuff my pockets, fold my prefolds...

    Votes: 40 50.0%
  • I throw them into a basket from the dryer/clothesline and use them from there...

    Votes: 7 8.8%
  • I loosly fold them but don't do snaps/aplix...

    Votes: 33 41.3%

How do you keep your diapers?

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I snap everything up and fold up my prefold and doulbers and wipes. Probably wearing the snaps out but hey...
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I couldn't vote because I do all 3 depending on the day!!
Lately since dd has become so mobile and is *heart in throat* trying to walk (she is sooo not ready - I caught many a belly flop in progress
) Half are in a laundry basket on my dresser in a heaping mess and half are tossed on a big chair in dd's room. Not to mention there are covers draped all around the room.
On a good day, I tri-fold my prefolds, stuff my pockets and have everything folded, snapped up and put away so nicely. Let's just say those days are few and far between.... I'd have to take about 7 pics to show my stash
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I voted the first one. I just like it too look neat and put together. I even store them according to fitteds, AIO's, wool, PUL, prefolds. Everything has it's own little section
I snap, fold and stuff. I'd never even considered the wear and tear on my snaps. That gives me a brand new thing to obsess about :LOL
I snap fold and put away.

I loosely fold them but don't do snaps.. this was my vote. I don't have many fitted though

I fold up our prefolds & put them away. BUT my DS is persistant to open the drawers & chuck them all over the living room floor :LOL
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I'm kind of anal and like everything nice and neat and tidy - I bought a square laundry basket I keep in ds's room for the fitteds and wio's. His pf's get folded and placed right next to it. Covers hang from pants hangers along the side of the crib (it's good for something! :LOL ). I think I'm anal about it because it's the one small space in my house that actually looks clean and tidy!
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I put them together (if needed) and fold them. I don't do the snaps (unless it a snap-in soaker) though.
I don't snap but I do fasten the aplix. I usually don't stuff. But everything is in its place (like someone else said - the diapers are about the only thing in the house that are organized!).
I fold pf's, and stuff pockets, then fold all the dipes in half and stack them neatly. But I don't do the snaps (unless it's a snap in soaker) or aplix, as that just seems like extra work since I'd have to undo them to put them on!
All prefolds are trifolded and doubled and put in their basket.

All covers are folded but not snapped

All fitteds have doublers layed in or snapped in but waist isn't snapped.

Anything to make it quicker to diaper on the run.
When I first started cd'ing a year ago I stuffed all of my pockets and folded my prefolds. Now I use a 3 drawer rubbermaid stand and just loosely/neatly lay the prefolds in their drawer, pockets in their drawer, and toss the loose ends in their drawer.
I voted option 2! They come out of the dryer and get tossed in a basket, I abuse my fluff I guess
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I fold my prefolds in half and that's how they go. My fitteds get folded back into the right shape but I don't snap or velcro them shut. What a pain to have to undo that before you could slip them under your baby. It's just one more step and one I don't want to take it.
I voted for throw them in a pile and feel guilty now! I am too busy to fold them all up and put them away.
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I used to do #1, then I went through a phase of doing #2 and now I've settled into #3.
I voted #1 though its only partly true -- I am a mix between 1 and 3. I do stuff all the pockets, snap in the snap in doublers, and lay in the lay in doublers but I dont snap the diapers & covers closed, I just fold them.

Seems like a waist of time to snap them closed only to unsnap them to put them on.
I loosly fold them and put them all away.

I loosly fold them & store them according to fitteds, AIO's, covers, prefolds, doublers, wipes, Everything has it's own little section in the cupboard.
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