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How do you kill germs without bleach?

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Im about to start CDing my two toddlers. I have no idea how this is going to work. I probally still need more diapers. Anyway, please tell me how you get them clean? Tea tree oil?Lavender? What is it that you can throw in with the wash that kills germs? Also, with AIO's, can you dry them in the dryer or do you have to hang them up and if so, how long does it take to dry?
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I just wash mine like any other laundry. Works fine, but if you want them sterilized, I've heard of people boiling them. As for the AIO question, if it's got a sewn-in soaker, you'll probably have to put it in the dryer and hang it if you want it to get totally dry (or just hang dry, if you're patient). If the soaker folds out it'll be faster. The ones I've made with two seperate fold out soakers dry in one dryer cycle and the ones that are sewn in take one dryer cycle and then laying out overnight. I also live in a semi-desert climate (very dry) so if you live somewhere more humid, I'd suggest getting a quick dry all-in-one or it'll take forever.
Where would one purchase tea tree oil?
I get it from the drug store and have also seen it at health food stores.
I also say TTO.
For AIO they may take forever to dry on the line, but you can do that and fluff int he dryer also "sterilizing" them. I would say you need at least an hour and a half to completely dry AIO! Just my experience...

Originally Posted by Anglyn
Where would one purchase tea tree oil?
If one is the type to patronize walmart they sell it there in a two ounce bottle for less then $5.00

{HFS are well over $10.00-15.00 in my area for 1.5-2oz bottles}
Target also sells TTO. I found it on the bottom shelf of the vitamin aisle.
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