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ugh...MDC has eaten this post twice already
: hopefully this works.

I'm posting under another user name. I have over 500 posts already, but I've also got a few RL friends on here
so I hope you guys don't mind that I'm posting under an alias.

DH and I have been talking for a few years half-jokingly, half-serious about having a threesome. DH, of course--the typical guy--is all for it. I would identify as bi (although I haven't actually been with another woman).

At the moment its not like we have any...uh...'potential mates' lined up or anything (and I would have no idea where to start there, so this is still totally hypothetical. But I guess my concern right now is how do you know whether your relationship is ready for a threesome? We obviously want to be married for quite a long time and we have a 10 month old daughter, so it's important to me that this not happen at the expense of our relationship.

I'm sure this is highly personal and complicated--and no one can really say what's right for us. But I'm hoping that maybe some of you will have BTDT and have some advice or experience to share....

thanks for anything you feel like sharing (and if you feel more comfortable with PMs, please do so!)
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