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How do you lose a 9 month old!?!?

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feel so bad for the mom whos kid was being tormented by the sprinkler and no other mum would get up to help....good god what is wrong with this place.....I help wandering children find their parents all the time...........they seem not to's my scary story....I was taking a walk down my mum's road which is about 1/2 mile's a nice quiet road. she lives in maine so children are free to run around in the road at a resonable age I might add and not be worried about too much of Im walking and i see this thing in the road (don't worry it's not a sad story) and as I walk close it's a little baby crawling around in the middle of the road!!!!!!! I couldn't belive it...I thought I was I reach down to pick him up and he looks up at me smiles and reached his arms out.....he was probably about 9 months old....and only in a I love kids and babies but I was bewildered...he didn't fall out of the sky!!!! I look around...houses all around me but no people.........I was so confused so I start walking towards the closest house about 10 yards away and this women come's screeming out of the house........yelling at me!! "my baby" she screems at me....and has the nerve to scold me for picking him up.......and I said......"well if you hadn't left him in the *[email protected]#ing road you would know where he was!! Litterally in the road! what were you thinking"? she stared at me in awe and I said " be careful.......there are lots of people around here who care more about that childs life then you probably do and there are good people at human services.........I was soo pissed off I couldn't believe it.......and I wasn't threatening do you lose your child?
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I'm definately did the right thing. Even if it WAS an accidental thing that's never happened before, that baby could have been KILLED! (and horribly, I might add). Thank God you came along when you did......
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WOW!! I would be so angry if I found a baby in the road. Where was the mama that whole time. What a bi*^h for scolding you.

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Holy Crap. I would be reporting her. That is ridiculous! I mean a 9month old is not old enough to let itself out of the house the way a 2 or 3 yr old could, kwim? She was IN the house? That is nuts!
gah! thank goodness you came along when you did. i bet that was surreal. *shudder* some people.
I am confused. Did she say the baby was accidently outside or she had allowed him outside unattended?

Please no flames. Maybe it truly was an accident. I once left my 10 mos old in my front yard and started walking down the block with my older kids. I got 3 or four houses down the side walk (our houses are close together) before my brain kicked in. Could it be a simple mistake, like that?

I was sooo embarrassed and scared. How did I not think about where she was? Even if it was only 30-45 seconds........

I cerainly wouldn't have scoulded you. I would have been apologizing profusely!!!! and THANKING you!
I also have the tendancy to think that maybe there is a reason I don't know abt when things like this happen, and sometimes the parents are wonderful caring people tht made a big boo. BUT and this is a BIG but, this is how horrible tragedies happen. I hope she learned from it and made sure it never happened again.
I think the reason I had such a negative reaction is how the mother herself reacted. Like fourgrtkidos said, if it were an accident I would have been so freaked out and relieved that someone came to my childs rescue, I would never have yelled at them. That is what makes me think otherswise about his woman.
I wonder if she has a doggy door and hasn't realised that the kid figured it out.
Or did mama think dad or older child was watching the baby?

Last night as we were leaving my son's ballgame, I started to panic: "Where's the baby?!" My dh already had him in the car.

We were busy, distracted and the place a flurry of activity. (and dh forgot to bring my wrap with him. grr.) At home, she could have thought someone else had her back, kwim?

That's what I want to believe. Or the doggie door. Let's just think it was that.

At least she came out screaming. Had she been all cool about it like it was no big deal, then I'd be highly concerned. I think your reaction was normal. You went into protective mama mode. You've got good instincts.
Or maybe she freaked b/c she thought you were trying to steal her baby.... still tho, she should've thanked you and apologised when she realised otherwise..... You did the right thing mama!
Definitely have to believe that the mom in this case was just so freaked out that she didn't know what she was saying. My 12 mo. old daughter got out to the street one day when big brother opened the door (against the rules) and left it open. I was in the bathroom being very ill at the time. When I came out and saw the open door and no kids, I totally freaked. So, could also be a case of less-than-perfect older sibling.
wow that's nuts, babies falling from the sky, what's next?

I belive it though, there are some sneeky kids out there, maybe her 2 yr old let him out accidentally, weird but possible eh!

I bet she doesn't let her little one out of her sight for a second now!!!!

Originally Posted by LuckyLemur
.and I said......."well if you hadn't left him in the *[email protected]#ing road you would know where he was!! Litterally in the road! what were you thinking"?
What did she reply?
Wow - crazy story. If someone found my baby in the middle of the road I would be sobbing with relief in thier arms that #1 baby was okay and #2 that someone was kind enough to step in and keep baby safe!!

A similar story...

I was working at a clothing store at a mall a few years ago and a mother and friend came in with a little girl probably not quite 2 years old with down syndrome. They left and a few minutes later I walked towards the dressing rooms and there was the little girl!!! I was horrified! The other girls working were just like OH MY GOSH!!! So I picked her up and went running down the mall to find her mother...she wasn't even that surprised was like she had forgotten a bag or receipt or something.
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1: she probably thought you were a kidnapper which is why she reacted so strongly.
2: if you had a celphone, you should have called the police/ambulance right away. A baby, crawling in a diaper on the middle of the street? She's lucky her child wasn't killed!
Jennifer, I had a situation in the mall I work with. This little girl no more then 2 was just walking through the mall alone. The girl from the store across from us asks if shes mine and I say no I thought she might be yours. We look down the mall and WAY up ahead is the mother who is not watching but then turns around and says, come on honey. HELLO! I could have grabbed that kid and ran out the back door of the store and that would be it. That is why they say that malls are so dangerous because of all the back entrances of the stores, it only takes seconds.

I was also at a small town school fair last weekend and this little girl who is 4 was wandering around, asking ppl, " Have you seen my mommy?" This was so scary to me.

People just amaze me!
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