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How do you make it safe for a baby that is crawling/walking to naping your bed?

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My son is 6 months old, and about to start crawling. He sleeps in our bed. I am wondering how other parents make it safe for their baby to not crawl and fall out of bed and hurt themselves when they are napping? Is there an other way than putting the mattress straight on the floor? I just cant stay with him every time he naps, cuz I have a house to take care of, and he is already very demanding (he needs constant entertaining or holding).
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We put our guest bed mattress on the floor in our room. I resisted the idea at first, but it's so much better than sitting there watching her sleep when I could be doing something for me, like peeing or eating lunch.
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Our bed is only about 10 inches off the ground, so this worked for us--as soon as DD could crawl well enough to get off the bed, we taught her to crawl off backwards. She got it pretty quickly.
our bed is on the floor, actually on top of the box spring. And it's a thick mattress. I put the baby monitor within his reach, like clockwork even if he doesn't cry I know he's up, as he goes for the monitor and tries to eat it..
My daughter has a full size mattress on her floor and we have a gate at the top of the steps. She is 17 mo now so we don't put the gate up for naptime but we do for bedtime. And we still have a monitor in her room as well.

mattress on the floor here too. once ds learned to get off safely i added the box springs back.

we also have a crib matress on the floor nect to our bed. he doesn't really like it, but yours might.

owen, 13 months
We have our mattress on the floor too (dd is 7.5 months and a clumsy crawler at best). However, our bedrooms are upstairs and now that winter is here those rooms are a bit chilly during the day, even if I could stay up there with her while she napped.

Our solution was to build her a "nest" in the living room, near her toy area. We put down a soft mat, then topped that with a small woven rug (she likes the texture, and cotton rag rugs can withstand almost anything a baby can dish out), and finally an overstuffed boppy-style pillow. When she falls asleep we tuck her over/around/into the boppy (her head rests on top of one of the boppy "arms" while her bottom sits down in the open center area) and put her favorite stuffed toy next to her. Since she's right there in the living room I can check on her frequently and I can hear her when she wakes up.

It might not work if you have other little children or large pets running around, but the "baby nest" works great for us and may help you too!
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I made a contraption out of two big cylindrical body pillows and a large sheet. I sewed the sheet essentially around the pillows so they were on the edges of the bed. We slept on top of that sheet. DD couldn't roll over them. However, with determination and enough time, she could crawl over them, so we ended up putting the mattress on the floor anyway!
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