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How do you NIP if you have a strong let-down?

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OK, yet another question: How on earth do you NIP if you have a strong let-down? I've just given up my Boppy and am practicing the cradle hold cuz we're starting to go out more, but my boobs are still leaking and spraying like mad and DD gets mighty worked up sometimes. It's fine at home, I just constantly wipe up the spray, but how to handle the mess in public? I don't mind NIP, but I don't want to draw way too much attention to ourselves, either! Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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I had the same problem with my first daughter and for a while I did have to go into a room by myself to nurse her.

I didn't really know I had a strong let-down with my first (What, you mean every mom's milk doesn't spray across the room?). Is your baby's weight gain fine? Do you feel like you have a ton of milk as well? You might want to try this--nurse on one side only for each feeding and maybe even for a feeding or two. Of course, if your baby wants both sides, offer. Just let her finish one side (don't take her off after a certain number of minutes)--usually the baby will either come off on her own or fall asleep. This really helped regulate my supply so the milk wasn't gushing out, and I was amazed at how much easier it was to nurse.
Actually some moms have to nurse on one side only for 3 hours or even more. One mom here said eventually she got to the point where she give boob A all day, and boob B all night.

Kind of funny: one friend of mine told me she noticed one day her vacuum cleaner was covered in little spots. She realized it often ended up near her favorite nursing area, and she was spraying it all over without noticing! :LOL
I found it hard to NIP at the start. I didn't spray so much but dd would fuss, arch her back, and constantly pop off and on. (later found out it was reflux) I didn't like to have our nursing 'wrestling' matches in public. I found nursing tops where you lift up a flap helped a little. dd could pop off and on without me exposing myself beyond my comfort level. If you pick a shirt with a print, the leaking won't show as much. And if you just turn your back to people, you might spray milk but people won't notice.
Well, let me say first I have no issues with NIP, so when I show a little chi chi or spray alittle milk, I am not embarassed at all. When my letdown sprayed everywhere, I began using my sling tail or a PF to sop up the milk when dd pull off, I just kept it in my hand and put it over my breast as needed. Never ever ever pinch your nipples, girlfriend. Just don't do it. You can also apply firm, gentle, even pressure to your whole breast to slow a firehose, but you can't do that while your dc is nursing.

Never force your dc back onto the breast during a firehose letdown because s/he will pull away creaming and you will spray everywhere and draw tons of attention to yourself! Not fun. I do have little white spots in my car, on my glider, on the furniture, in the kitrchen. :LOL I have just always kept that PF handy and that has worked well for us. GOod luck, the eltdown will slow itself eventually.

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With both boys, my let down was strong at first. I used a cloth diaper, hand towel, or something. After I latched on, I'd tuck it under my breast/on my lap/...I just brought extra nursing pads wherever I went.

Funny. I always tell ds#1 about how he would latch off and laugh and open his mouth up wide and wait for the milk to spray into his mouth when he was a few months old. He thought was so funny. So did my friend (and fellow nursing mother) who pointed out that my ds only did this in public so that he could look around. I just had that towel handy and ready for the extra exposure and liquid.
I put a nursing pad on the nipple he wasn't using. That way I didn't have to worry about putting pressure on that side (needed another hand to do that). It also helped me remember what side I used last (I would use the side with the nursing pad the next time I nursed him).
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