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The questions are endless.... regular preschool.... My son is a bright one, he already knows the alphabet (since he was 22 months) plays independently, rambutious. But he is the only grandchild, and of my friends the only child... what he really needs is to learn to play with other children, he needs friends.
so I was thinking regular preschool... like the council of parent participation preschool near my place ( I get to help out in the class room 2 times a month and the adult child ratio is 1 to 4 or 5 -- 2 teachers and 1 parent) and its cheaper, because all the parents help out.

But there is also this Progressive Montessori preschool right near my house.. its attached to the elemetary school. so they share a playground. Though I think the alternate times on the play ground. the bigger kids... (I have seen them) aren't always so considerate of the little ones. I like the work stations and I met with the teacher. She explained a typical day and explained the philosophy behind montessori a bit. I like it and I aggree with a lot she had to say. They do allow some group work, and the children are taught to be respectful to each other. Its not strict montessori where from what I understand is strictly individual work.

What I want ... is a place where my bright, bouncy child will grow, learn, meet friends, use some of that boundless energy he has, and learn not only letters, colours and numbers, but how to be a good friend, how to work with others, and play with others in a positive way. I want to raise a compassionate boy.

As far as the montessori curriculum, my son can so do it. I mean he plays individually all the time now. He taught himself the alphabet, he helps me cook (cuts things with the butter knife and mixes things and grinds spices) sorts laundry...

I wish I could have both.

how did you pick a preschool? what was important to you? what questions should I ask? what worked? what didn't?

please I am very curious. Can you share your experiences with me?
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