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Which way do you prefer your soakers

  • Internal

    Votes: 6 8.1%
  • QD snap in

    Votes: 22 29.7%
  • QD one end sewn in

    Votes: 29 39.2%
  • QD both ends sewn in

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • QD flaps (like Firefly)

    Votes: 7 9.5%
  • Lay In

    Votes: 5 6.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 5.4%

How do you prefer your diaper soakers

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Do you prefer your diaper soakers?
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These days I actually prefer internal, but sometimes I still can't decide between that and a QD soaker sewn at one end.

Snap-in is acceptable.

I can't stand the firefly-style "flap" soakers, and a lay-in soaker is absolutely out of the question.
Personally, I would like a QD snap-in on both ends option, but the diapers I use with QD soakers don't have this. Or snap in at the front (ours always bunch down a littleand so I get wicking out the top.)
I really like the firefly-type design. Second to that, I like soakers that snap in on both ends. (like a righteousbaby shell I have). I despise both lay-in and tri-fold, they both bunch up and leave weird creases on my DD's bottom.
I prefer my dipes with the back end of the soaker sewn in

I get annoyed with matching up snap-ins to the right dipe
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Originally Posted by grace474
I prefer my dipes with the back end of the soaker sewn in

I get annoyed with matching up snap-ins to the right dipe

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I like one end sewn-in soakers also. I especially like those that can be folded to customize the absorbancy - like Mammamades. Snap-ins are acceptable. I also am not a fan of the Firefly type wing design, I get bunches. I do like tri-folds. I don't like internals because they just take too long to dry and too often get crunchy around the edges.
i like one end sewn in best, but both ends is fine too. snap-in is fine, but right now I can't think of any reason why i'd want to unsnap the doubler.

but then again, lay in works pretty well. i'm thinking of el bees where i fold the doubler in half and lay in the front to maximize absorption of boy pee. but that can get pretty complicated when you have to get the poo off.
my favorite fitted is my TEN royal pants with the 2 soakers sewn in the back (2 flaps)

I hate snap ins, because I hate separating them (or finding them when they get separated in the wash) though I don't mind a lay in if it's small enough. I use preemie prefolds as a lay in all the time and it's easier to get it in and put the diaper on without too much finagling.
I like snap-in soakers best, because I line dry and I like to dry the soaker completely separately from the diaper.

If I dried in the dryer more often, I would probably prefer a soaker sewn at one end or both ends.

I would LOVE a snap-in that snaps at both ends!!
I like internal cuz it's the easiest when trying to wrangle a dipe on a baby who hates to lie still. Wings (like Fireflies) are my least favorite (again b/c of the fighting-it babe) and snap-ins come in the middle. Everything dries for me if I put my dryer on the longest/hottest setting so QD has never been a plus in my book.
I like my TEN's the best so sewn in at the back, but I don't mind snap-ins either they are a close second.
We don't use fitteds anymore (just prefolds), but I preferred sewn on QD soakers. I loved the RB flag soakers sewn in front so I could fold more absorbancy forward for a boy. I think my fave would be QD soaker sewn in both front and back, so it wouldn't flop around with a wiggly baby - does anyone make such a thing?
I'm preferring internal right now. There's no fuss with that. With snap-in soakers, they usually come apart in the wash (at least for me) so I still have to match everything up. For that reason I don't like lay-ins either. Sewn in is OK, but I have some snake-style soakers that are sewn in, and I have to fold them before use. Internal is the absolute easiest I think. I guess it helps that I don't mind the long drying time! Most of my fitteds purchases this past week (at least 2 dozen) are internal soakers.
I prefer lay ins.
I like different diapers for different reasons.
I prefer snap-in soakers.

I like pocket fitteds best!

Second fave would be sewn in on one end.
I voted other because I like sewn in the middle on BOTH sides like Little Beetles best, and I love the way it hold the doubler secure.

Otherwise, sewn-in-middle on one side, then snap-in back. But snap-in front with a side snapping diaper drives me nuts. Where do the wings go?
I prefer QD snap in so I can unsnap to dry on the line without having pieces flapping all over the place, but peekyboo's idea of snapping on both ends is super! I think I'd love that more!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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