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how do you register a homeborn babys birth?

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our daughter was born at home about 3wks ago and we are trying to do this and it feels like we are on a wild goose chase. our local vr office gave us a number to call, the info here tells us to go online but all i can find is how to obtain a copy of a previously existing record. can anyone help?
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Call your county's vital records office. If you cannot get that information, then call the county clerk.

Birth certificates are filed through the county first, then after six months or so, they are sent to the state office.
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The process for obtaining birth certificates varies from state to state. In Alabama one gets a home birth birth certificate kit from the health department. The best resource is probably your midwife if you used one, if not, contact your state's office of vital statistics.

Here in TX, I sent in a birth certificate form that my midwife filled out. We did a UC, so I got a letter back stating that my husband, me and the baby would have to come in to the vital statistic's office with a copy of a notarized letter from someone who saw me when I was pregnant and saw the baby alive shortly after it was born! Whew! Hopefully, your midwife has one or can get you the application.
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