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How do you respond to frustration?

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Adelh is in the tortuously slow learning to crawl phase. She can get up and rock on her hands and knees, but then either lunges into a face plant or flops onto her belly. Either way she is PISSED. She screams bloody murder like she's been hurt. Normally I respond to her cries by picking her up and soothing her, but when I know she's not hurt should I still do the same thing? I mean, if I pick her up every time she's not going to learn to crawl. I can't put her down without her trying though, which means she's one pissed little girl all. the. time. She wants to be held and wants to try to crawl at the same time.

I'm looking for some insight into how to respond appropriately to her frustration, since I can only imagine this is the first in a long line of frustrations for her. Learning to roll wasn't like this, thankfully. I can't help her learn and I don't want to ignore her when she cries like that, but isn't this frustration part of the drive that gets her crawling?
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My babe had this whine that was specifically reserved for crawling attempts. It was really annoying.

She never screamed though.

In your shoes I wouldn't immediately jump to your baby's rescue, but give her a few seconds to see if she calms down and tries again. Or you could try to distract her with a toy or something, without picking her up. I have funny songs I sing to babygirl all the time that tend to work.

But if she continues to freak out, I would pick her up or do whatever you normally do to comfort her.

It is a very annoying phase, but it passes. Then you are onto the "get into everything you aren't supposed to" phase, and the "pull up on everything and then fall backwards hitting your head on the hardwook floors" phase. They are annoying too.

Good luck!
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Hey from your DDC!

Any way, ds1 did this, and Milo's doing it too. and sometimes I noticed, they didn't want helped/picked up, but were just expressing their effort. Kindalike I did in labor!

If you are sure it's frustration, pick her up. Kiss her, tell her 'you're working so hard!' and if she launches herself for the floor again, put her back down.

I think it's partly frustration that makes them really want to work for it!
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With Lina, I offer a toy, then help her back to sitting, then help her stand, then pick her up for a change of scene.

Most times the toy doesn't work, but sitting usually does, particularly if it's next to one of her pull-up toys (I put other toys on the top). I figure part of why she's not crawling yet is back/leg strength sitting works the back and standing works the legs, so those'll help her eventually stop face-planting.

Oh, and she has different sounds for trying hard on her own and being frustrated.
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