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How do you sew your own mama pads?

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I don't have a serger and my machine will only strait stitch
So how do you all sew yours? Do you have a pattern? Do you use hemp or flannel? What do you use for a waterproof layer if you use one? I don't really want to buy fabric online-seems to expensive to me, so does anyone know if Jo-Ann's or Hancock's has any workable waterproof material? Tell me all about it!!

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I'm just bumping this up to the top because I came on here to post basically the same thing--Without a serger, how do you sew mama cloth?


ETA that I found this website

and am now wondering about what fabrics to use--I have heard that flannel pills and isnt all the soft after a while. And what is a good absorbent fabric?

Thanks--and I hope that you dont mind me piggybacking off of your post!
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you don't need a serger to make mama can turn and topstitch them since you don't a zig-zag. i used a quilted crib sized matress pad for my waterproof layer. i used scrap flannel for the rest of it. i made up my own pattern.
There are some instructions here
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