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How do you take motherwort tincture?

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I hear it tastes awful but my afterpains are so dibilitating that I'm willing to try anything. From what I've read, motherwort seems like the best remedy (though I'll try the other suggestions too -- lay on belly, heat pad, etc.).

The trouble is that I can't find much info on how much to mix, with what, and how often to drink. Most advise tea, but I'm not a tea drinker.....and that won't change.
How else can I take this stuff? Can I mix it in with juice or something? Take it straight? What sort of dosage are we talking? How often should I take?

Thanks in advance!!!

(Oh, and my apologies for not using the search function. I'm on dialup and have *never* been able to get MDC's to work.)
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A tincture is an herb that has been extracted in an alcohol or glycerine base. It's easy to take - just a dropperful in a small amount of water or juice. For afterpains, it's best to start taking it soon after the birth (even before the placenta comes is fine) and take it every half hour to hour while you're awake.
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I would talk 5 drops under your tounge up to 20x per day. Take it until you have a positive response. Also Get some cartor oil and some flannel and lay saturated peices in uterus and then place a heating pad over do this for 20-35 min at a time. You unterus may be trying to get some residual membranes out. Also I would wrap your lower ab with a thick cotton fabric a few times to support your uterus. look into maya abdominal massage
Rest mama. Best wishes!
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