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How do you think he GOT this big?

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It wasn't similac, let me tell you that.

Luke had his 4-month appointment yesterday, weighing in at 16 lbs. 12 oz., and a whopping 26 1/2" long. And "you don't supplement at all? never? really?"

So, I got the talk about maybe starting rice cereal and fruits, since b/fing is, after all, a supply and demand issue. I think the doctor realized I wasn't buying it so he backed off (I'm not saying to start today, just think about it in the next few weeks, it's hard to start in the summertime becuase their appetite decreases....)

I like my doctor, he's great with Aaron's asthma and is gentle and loving to the children, but I do think the office is a bit undereducated in terms of breastfeeding! For me not a biggie, but I hope that other mamas who aren't as educated on these issues aren't swayed.
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Wow! What a big boy! You must be so proud.
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That's why I try to stay away from Dr's offices as much as I can. Our boys are very close in age (D was born 11/22/05) and ds is 18 pounds. He is half the weight of my 4.5 yr old dd ;-) - she was almost a year old before she got to 18 pounds.. and I remember her ped suggesting supplementing. Neither of them ever had a drop of formula.

Funny how supplementing is the suggestion for both small and big babies.. well sad really, not funny.
You know, part of me thinks it's lame to be proud of the size of my baby...and the other part is like D*&&N! I DID THAT! MY BODY! - so I guess I am kind of proud...
damn straight you should be proud!! YAY!!! i wanna see your boys again!!
i forgot to schedule her 4mo visit so i guess i should do that. i haven't scheduled rowan's 3yr visit...i'm gonna wait a bit more...
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If your baby is "big" and growing well and it is all from breastmilk...why the suggestion to add more food? Clearly, the breast cream, oops, excuse me, breast milk, is doing the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help me to understand how this makes sense to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS Scarlett is 3 and 1/2 months and weighed in at 16 lb 2 oz yesterday!!!

way to grow! i never understood that either......if they are growing just fine on bm, why do they suggest supplementing!? LOL

way to grow! i never understood that either......if they are growing just fine on bm, why do they suggest supplementing!? LOL
Alright, lets hear it for big healthy babies. Yipee!!!!

Tharen weighed in at 16lbs 1oz and 25 1/4 inches. I am lucky though, Dr. H would never suggest supplementing. He is super pro-breastfeeding. He said if Tharen was interested or I really wanted to we could start cereal, but at this age he doesn't need anything but "the good stuff". LOL And I noticed he was wearing an anti-circ awareness bracelet.
i think drs. are just idiots (oh, sorry..i think thats against the rules). i dont think that of all drs. we see the NP but meet the "real" dr. this month for his 4 month...the NP would never suggest supplementing to me and is very conscious of AP stuff...even asked me a lot about it last time.
im not the most super crunchy person in teh friends IRL just THINK i am (b/c they are so clueless really. lol!).

i just dont get it though. i have read that introducing solids too early can cause allergies, mess with their digestive system, etc. I didn't know this before of course, but i just dont understand. are drs. just brainwashed into believing babies need to start eating?? WHY???

may never get answers to my questions. largely rhetorical i guess.
Okay, inspired by this thread, I decided to weigh DD for the first time since she was born (we haven't taken her to the doctor and our scale was broken - I went out and bought a cheapo scale to day).

Well, cheapo scale or not, she weighed in at 18.5 pounds. I am flabbergasted. I weighed her three times. And she is 26.5 inches. I checked in our pediatric mega-manual and those measurements are both off the charts. So there formula and food pushers, take that! Nearly-vegetarian Mamamilk rules again.

(this is so especially amazing to me because DS was such a tiny guy, always...but he was born 3.5 weeks early.)
I don't get the pushing solids thing either. What could possibly be better for babies than breastmilk? Not to mention how much easier (and less messy) it is to just keep nursing and not offer solids till they can at least eat finger foods and not just pablum.
Hooray for breastmilk!!

(Going home to feed my baby now)
Is this the bragging thread? hehehe.... Wesley was 18lbs at his 3.5 month checkup. Our doc is great, though. He doesn't push vaxing and has never suggested supplementation.

Here's from my blog:
March 20 -
Wesley is 14 weeks old and just had his second "well baby" checkup today. He is now 25 3/4" long and weighs exactly 18 lbs. Our family doc was impressed with his growth and overall health and development. In fact, compared to the "standardized" growth charts, Wesley is off the chart, and his length/weight are beautifully proportionate. (But it's not really fair to compare him to the "standardized" charts because they don't take the totally breastfed baby into account. I looked up a WHO growth chart for breastmilk-only babies and Wesley is still well above average but within the norm - he's around the 90th percentile.)
My baby is probably 11 pounds. Maybe 12 with a wet diaper and clothes on.
Mine is 11lb too and at her last WCC she was at the 50th percentile. Nothing wrong with super chunka babies, nothing wrong with average sized or petite babies either!
Greyson is in the 10th percentile for baby boys his age. I didn't know they didn't take exclusively BF babies into account though. That's interesting and weird. Society is weird.
pan... lucy is a long skinny baby too. at two months she was 10 lb 4 oz (she was born at 8 lb 12 oz). while i see a lot of babes moving up to mediums already here.... lucy wears smalls. and on her small vb aio i still have to sew on the crossover tabs or it's too big! and her kissaluvs 0s? still fit. on the tightest snaps
: .

i'm not sure what she is now, but i might have her weighed tomorrow at public health just to see (that and I don't want to pay for a real doctor's visit just to get her weight... and our public health office is super nice). i'm curious mostly. ... i need to get out the measuring tape and see how long she is now. i swear she's grown three inches in the last month!!!
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Will is somewhere in the middle, about 14lbs, but long--27 inches! His big brother was exactly the same - we used to call him the "bird baby" because he was so gangly.

There was this sweet little South American lady at church who always used to chide me that "shubby babies are healthy babies," and would beg me to feed DS1 more. Well, now that he's five years old, I can look back and say with certainty that my skinny little bird baby has grown into one of the healthiest, brightest kids I know. He's hardly ever sick, and his color and vitality are beautiful.

God makes 'em each unique. Give those babies that healthy breastmilk, and they'll be exactly who they're supposed to be! Squeeze those "shubby" babies, and cherish those petite ones, too. They're all just so precious.
ahh doctors are great. (sarcasm)

i watched (god forbid) bringing baby home on TLC. well a mom was actually BF but the first shot of the kid eating the mom is giving formula and saying "this will fill you up, that colostrum doesn't have much to it" then flash to her saying they would only let her leave the hospital if they promised to supplement with formula everyday.arrgghh poor impresionable mothers who don't know any better are wathcing this.

my doctor said once "hey i'm progressive my wife breastfed our kids for a year" dh said i should have said "i'm retro i breastfed a 2 1/2 year old"

Feeney is 13 lbs 11 oz at 3 months. she looks like a little chunker, well she has sumo boobies at least.


chi chi i miss you.
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