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How do you treat a bite?

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My ds1 did this once so I've been very careful never to let ds2 (11 mos) fall asleep on me. Well, he's sick and his only comfort is nursing and OW he chomped down and drew blood right on the nipple. So, what should I do?

I did have to take some tylenol b/c it hurts like the dickens. I assume I can't put anything on it. Just keep nursing?
IS tylenol ok for me to take a couple more times? I just remember having to pump bloody milk last time b/c it took so long to heal.
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Owowowow! I hate when that happens!

Tylenol and Motrin are both OK for nursing, so whatever works for you for the pain is fine.

Here are some helpful hints from Kellymom on healing broken skin and on dealing with biting babies. HTH!
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