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How do you use your diaper bag?

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Do you pack/unpack everytime you leave?
Before the baby was born, I just kept a packed bag in my car all the time. we dont spend long trips out, so he hardly ever got changed out. And still havent spent much time out with the baby. But to leave a packed bag in the car means she is going to outgrow some cute dipes and they wont get used!
but i am so forgetful with all these kids now if i dont leave it in the car, we'd go out without!

And while we're at it, whats in yours? I've always been a bare minimalist in this dept, and always feel like i must be an inadequate mother for not packing half my house with me. lol
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I pack my diaper bag full of diapers and wipes. I use the diapers in the diaper bag (and wipes although i'm using disposable wipes right now) when the diaper bag is empty I put more in. I use out of the bag while i'm at home too just cuz it's easier if someone else changes him. the hard part is when i forget to put a lil baggie in for the dirty dipes if we DO go somewhere!
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oh yeah as to what i keep in it...medical card, a tampon (which is really old and should be thrown out since i'm not going to be using it for a long while) one binkie (if i can find it) a pen diapers and wipes.
I pack it when I go out of town or just out and about. Once packed it stays packed until its empty. It does come into the house though. My grandma got me a huge bag so when i pack i usually go overboard with all the clean dipes (our total is about 36) All the clean kissaluvs wipes (we own 6 of the good ones) plus several burp cloths, extra clothes, toys, plastic bags, etc.. It's big enough to use on vacation even.
My mom made me a new diaper bag. She put in a compartment so that my diapers would stack nicely as well as a few pockets. Anyways, I put in 3-4 diapers (prefolds trifolded and folded in half), one small bummis wet bag, an extra cover, a change of clothes, a few wipes, wipe solution, a change pad and a few nursing pads for me.
I leave a bag mostly packed next to my bed and just throw in some diapers when I go. Keep in mind that I pack for two 15month olds most of the time. This is what we have:

small wetbag
2 binkies
1-2diapers each depending on how long we'll be out(and what kind of diaper/clothign they are wearing. ie, fuzzi bunz or fitteds and wool)
dry wipes
my keys
my phone
my wallet
quick snack that will work for all three of us(ie, goldfish)

That's it. We pack VERY light. It's rare when we need more than a small diaper bag/bigger purse for the two of them. I pack less for two toddlers than most people pack for one kid.

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In my diaper bag, I keep 5 or 6 AIOs, a wool wetbag, a changing pad, diaper cream, cloth wipes, and a thermos. Whenever we go somewhere, I fill the thermos with warm water and a squirt of diaper wipe solution. When we get back home, we remove the dirty diapers from the wool wetbag and toss them in the diaper pail, and we put fresh AIOs into the diaper bag. We also pour the remainder of the wipe solution from the thermos into the wipe warmer.
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