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How do you wash your diapers?

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Ok... I am starting to get fluffy stuff and use it... but now I have to wash it. What do you do? I have heard about using only a quater of the normal detergent... doing soaks and extra rinses. What about fabric softner in the wash, or dryer sheets in the dryer. Would love any tips you all have.
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I just throw it in the washer and wash it.

In all seriousness, I just wash usually on cold, sometimes warm,cold, othertimes hot. I use a 1/4 of the cup for detergent, and put it on the longest setting with a 15 minute soak. No extra rinses, etc. Then I throw it in the dryer, I dont add anything to that ether. I suggest starting with the simplest then adding things as the need arises.
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First your going to get tons of answers to this question and in the end you'll have to see what works best for you. ----but....... here is MY method.

1) I wash every 2-3 days
2) diapers are stored in a dry pail, I rinse off and ring out all messy diapers before putting in pail (Keeping covers seperate)
3)on wash day add all fitted,prefolds,pocket diapers and AIO's to the wash
4) do one short wash on cold with 1/2 cup vinager added to the wash
5) (add covers) one long wash on hot with a teaspoon sunandearth detergent
6) extra rinse nothing added
7) dry (hang covers)
8) I add some sunandearth Fabric softener about every 10 or so washings or about once a month to soften things up. Many FS will cause a waxy buildup on diapers making them no assorbent, but I havent had a problem with this stuff.

here is my routine.

I wash almost every day (with 2 in cloth).

I do a cold rinse.
Add about 1/4 c. detergent, some calgon (i have a well/hard water), and a scoop of baking soda, wash on HOT.
SEcond rinse cycle, sometimes I add a bit of vinegar.
Dry. I line dry PUL aio's, covers, etc.

I've heard to never use fabric softener or sheets. Sometimes I skip the extra rinse cycles.
I have to use front loading community washers. I run my diapers and covers in a cold wash with half a scoop making soda and a scoop of Oxy Clean. Then, I run them again with 1/4 cup All free and Clear on HOT. I add the extra rince cycle for $0.25.

Everything is nice and fresh and clean!

I throw all my stuffers and diapers into the dryer for 75 mins---hemp takes forever to dry!

I hang my covers (PUL and pockets) over the back of the sofa and dining room chairs. Such is the life of living in an apartment with NO WHERE to line dry! I've contemplated going to my friends house and line drying there! Hehehe.
I wash every other day to keep the load reasonable. Here's what I do:
*cold prewash/rinse with 1/2 cups baking soda and sometimes a very small squirt to start breaking up poopies
*hot wash on longest cycle with detergent (about 1/4 cup)
*cold rinse with capful of Downey Advanced

Then I dry everything on hot (I don't have any pul to worry about). That's it!
I wash every day, sometimes every other day. I do a cold rinse (all the diapers are kept in a dry pail, btw) and then a warm wash (sometimes hot if I'm in the mood and sometimes cold) with about 1/4 scoop of detergent on the longest cycle. Sometimes I'll put some downy advance in the rinse cycle. No extra rinses here. Then they go on the line or in the dryer.
First off avoid all fabric softners with diapers. They "coat" the fibers and reduce absorbency. Even a "used" dryer sheet has been known to cause problems.
NOT a good thing for diapers. Not a bad thing for all Fleece covers though.

Rule Number #1: Keep It Simple Silly!

So many people can get caught up in extremely complex washing routines and get quickly overwhelmed. Try to keep your rountine as simple as possible. When you add too many variables, you have great possiblities for "problems".

Your water type can make a big difference. The harder the water, the water to rinse out the detergent residue.

Rule Number #2: Keep watching for those suds.

Residue is the number one problem most people deal with. Leftover detergent causes strong urine smells and unpleasant diapers.

Rule Number #3: No bleach.

Try to not use bleach as much as possible. It destroys the fibers of fabric and wears out your diapers faster.

Rule Number #4: The sun is your friend.

The sun will get rid of lots of staining. Just take diapers out of the wash and lay out in the sun for an afternoon (sometimes it might take a couple rounds to get those really stubborn stains out. A little lemon juice works good too.

I agree with someone else who said you'll get a different rountine from just about everyone.

My routine that I've used for the last three years. And rarely a smelly diaper.

We dry pail. Just try to dump/scrap as much poop off as possible then into the pail. I usually wash every other day now. When I had 2 in diapers I washed just about every night.

1. Cold soak load, takes care of the rest of the poop and helps to keep stains from setting. Sometimes if there are a lot of poopy diapers, I'll let them soak overnight and start the load first thing in the morning.

2. Hot water wash with 1/6 of a cup of detergent with second rinse. We use All F&C.

3. About "once" a week I do an additional wash cycle with a cup of vinegar to take care of any risidual detergent.

4. Into the dryer. Then off to the folding pile and put away.

You'll find what does and doesn't work for you. HTHs.
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I run it through a cold wash & rinse.
Wash on hot with 1/2 cap of sensi-clean/sport wash.
double rinse on cold.

Hang dry AIOs drier for everything else.
Wool is another story.
I am new to all this CD stuff but this is what I do:

Throw dirty diaper in the washing machine. I don't have a diaper pail for many reasons, plus the washer is very close. I add a few drops of TTO to control the smell. Every night (or after a big yecky poop) I run a cold soak, sometimes with washing soda, sometimes not. If I don't, the laundry room starts to stink and DH starts to complain.

Wash day: I wash every 2 days or so. I run a cold rinse, the a long hot wash with 1/4 cap of tide free (DD is VERY sensitive to stuff on her heiney) and 8-10 drops of TTO. Then I run a cold wash with no detergent (I add 1/2 vinegar every so often). Basically a wash and 3 rinses.

Dryer: the bum cloths and the fleece liners go in the dryer because there are so many of them and hanging them on the line is a serious PITA.

The diapers, doublers and covers go on the line outside to dry. Eventually I remember they are out there and go get them. I then throw them in the dryer for 20 mins to fluff them up.
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I'm washing every other day at the moment. But as soon as this next baby arrives I'm certain to be washing daily.

I put everything in the same load, set the water amount to medium, set the temp to hot wash/cold rinse, add one ounce of regular All detergent, and let it go for the longest wash cycle I have.

We us pocket diapers primarily, so the PUL covers go on the wood rack to line dry and the inserts go in the dryer with a dry towel to help decrease drying time.

I've not had to use any vinegar, borax, baking soda, oils, etc. to de-stink my hemp as we haven't run into a problem with that yet (**knock on wood**).
I see a pp mentioned oxy-clean - I was wondering if anyone's used the new "baby" oxy-clean to get breastmilk poopy stains out on diapers?

any more detailed information from those with hard water? Does using 1/2 cup of Borax help "condition" the water like the box says?
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I'm lazy. I chuck the dipes in the washer with hot water, some soap and sometimes some baking soda. Extra rinse, hang on line.
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