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How do you wean from a pacifier?

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Our son has been using his paci to get to sleep. I am trying to find out how to wean him off it, though. He is almost 9 months old and I want him to learn to fall asleep without it.
He screams and cries if he doesn´t have it to go to bed. I b-feed him but he wants his paci, too. I put him in his bed and he just stands himself up and hollers and cries until he gets his paci.
Please help! How do I stop the paci habit once and for all!?
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IMO it sounds like he isn't ready to be weaned off of it - and the weaning process is just causing more stress than peace, so why wean...

My DD uses a paci - and nurses to sleep. I love that if she is stirring a bit at night and has just recently nursed, the paci will satisfy her - and that it will satisfy her in the car or when we are almost done in the store etc. She only uses it at sleeping time, in the car, and on occasions when we are out and she is getting tired. Mostly it's just for sleeping - which she does almost every time we are in the car, so it's for the car too. She is 8 and 1/2 months. We don't give it to her at other times because I see no need for her - especially when she is a toddler - to be walking around with a binkie in her mouth all the time.

good luck with whatever you decide....
Yes the baby is too young I think, try only giving the soother at sleep times. I did have a suggestion, but my DS was 4 when I finally got rid of his(I know too old)I just cut the tip off his and he did not want it anymore.
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