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How does one cook TVP in a way that results in something edible?

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nak... everytime we cook it, the texture is just wrong. we like premade faux meat (yves, gardenburger, etc) but we cannot figure out TVP at all, help! TIA


I am talking about dry bulk TVP, if that helps...
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first cover the tvp with boiling water and set it aside. this is super important; it'll absorb a lot of water. I usually let it soak for 5-10 minutes and then drain it (lightly, that is, don't press out excess liquid)

I used to make a pizza sauce with it...who has time to make pizza anymore!!!

sautee some onions and garlic with a bunch of oil, toss in the spices you like (basil, oregano?), add green peppers; when all the sauteed stuff is soft, add the pre-soaked tvp. Keep sauteeing it, like you're browning it. When it starts to get brown, add tomatoe sauce, or sometimes i would use premade pasta sauce. If you don't use much tomatoe sauce, and you add say some garlic powder, this can be good for the meat part of a shepherd's pie.

I also have been known to use tvp in soup-- if the soup broth is nicely flavorful, tossing in a small handfull of tvp can be interesting.
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We use tvp in lasagna, chili, and other soups. I just through it in with the liquid ingredients (general tomatoes and whatever else goes in at the same time) and cook it. I do add extra water -- I generally keep an eye on the water level and add it when necessary.
Even properly prepared, I could never take the texture of TVP- it was too close to hamburger. It may just be a prefernece thing.

My dh on the other hand liked it.
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OK, I have to ask. . .what is TVP??
I think textured vegetable protein
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