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How does this sound for a preemie stash?

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I think I have my friend with the little 5 lb baby all set here so tell me what you think and if I am missing anything. This should be enough to get her through 15 or so lbs.

1 preemie WIO by Harleyz
2 preemie fleece Harleyz covers
1 small Harleyz Pocketz
(Shan has made her some WONDERFUL stuff including the hand dyed WIO -- it was so cute I got a matching one for Maxi! Here is a picture:

6 small hemp fleece contours w/ lay in doublers
6 small CPF converted to fitteds
3 preemie hemp pre folds
6 medium little lambs AIOs
2 mics medium WAHM AIOs
1 Cuddlebuns fitted
2 nb bummis SWW
4 nb Proraps
6 fleece liners
3 hemp doublers
1 wool liner
2 Snappis
2 dozen wipes

Waddaya think?
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Come on -- someone with a preemie (or a past preemie) help me out here! Maxi was over 8 lbs at birth so I need some feedback!
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That looks great! I didn't have a preemie, so I am no help, but those "preemie" dipes sound sooooo cute!
My ds was a preemie (now 2yrs) and I'd say you should be fine except more wipes. 2 doz is not nearly enough! I have ~50 and could go through 25 in a day some days when ds was in first 4-8 weeks! What I had for ds as preemie was 4 doz newborn prefolds and 8 preemie Litewraps. When he outgrew this, I got small Litewraps, some newborn Bumpy wool wraps and 3doz infant prefolds. So, sounds like your friend is getting much nicer than that!
Hope this helps.
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That's only 25 dipes (I think) I'd get another 12 PF's (you seem to have enough wraps) because you can fit more little dipes in the washer!! And they pee all the time, I tend to change little ones more.

BTW, I loved my snapdragons fitteds in NB size (my son was 5-11)

That's great you are getting somebody set up!! Way to go!!
I think it looks awesome but I think you need more dipes. I really loved my preemie prefolds with snappis on my preemie. I'd say 1 dozen more of those.
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I agree! I think you may need more preemie prefolds or more tiny fitteds. From what I see, she will be washing everyday. I also think you have enough covers.

I would suggest nanipoos, KHW, FCB Size 0 and Beccabottoms. These are made on the small side and will work better on a smaller baby. I was a prefold flunkie so I really like fitteds. My FAVORITE was Molly Togs and they fit my tiny baby perfect but I know they are hard to get a hold of. Maybe put a ISO thread?

And Yes! More wipes.

Ok so maybe 4 dozen wipes and then I think I will wait and see if she can deal with the prefolds and if so order another 12. Should that cover it for a bit?
I PM ed you.
And I highly recommend Indian preemie prefolds from granitesmith. They are so soft and fluffy!
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My newest was born at 36 weeks gestation. He did not fit the KHW well. The best fit I found for him was with nanipoos and fcb 0 fitteds, Little Lambs NEWBORN aios, and alexis featherlites pull on preemie covers. I did have luck with stacinator newborn wraps though, if you like wool or fleece. I think you will do well with the preemie size harleyz, but I think you have a lot of stuff that may be too big. Angelo's problem is that his legs are stick skinny and most things GAPED at the legs (you could look up the leg holes and see everything he will someday show his wife). I used preemie prefolds with newborn size proraps, but I had to pull the tabs in so much that they only stuck to the velcro on the outer ends, not in the middle, otherwise, leg gape again. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Angelo is now 1 month old, and still fits his preemie stuff. I have heard that preemies take longer to SHOW growth- although they do gain weight. I would invest in more preemie stuff or at least get some nanipoos that will fit through the small stage too, IMHO.
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And if you email nanipoos she had 12 newborn dipes for $60ppd as her special recently! I got it for the new baby
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