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How does your baby lie?

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So we've had a few discussions about positions and such... so just thought I'd start a thread for us.

So what position is your baby generally in?
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I guess I might as well answer my own question

this baby is generally in LOA position but occasionally turns OP to use my belly as a punching bag before spinning back to LOA.
S/he is already pretty low in my pelvis- one advantage to being short I guess!
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LOP, I feel her roll more anterier once and a while.
A seems to like to flip back and forth between head up and head down.
B is pretty consistently head up.
C was consistently head up for a couple months, but lately has decided that lying sideways is so much more fun.

Apparently they still have enough room to move around if they want.
This guy is head dowm all the time-but rolls from side to side so it changes.I usually have a butt right under my ribs though

a great site to check out for this is:
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Head down, here.
I absolutely LOVE it when the little bum sticks out, and I pat it.
All of my kids were sooo very low, that I have never had the kicking ribs problem.
Mine is just more kicking it's way out of my crotch!
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I have a foot that sticks out a lot right under my right ribs when the babe is more OP. So I give him (or her- I'm just so convinced it's a he) a foot rub.

The baby was kicking hard earlier and
I was feeling that action on my cervix. Yeehaw.

Miriam- I just can't imagine three in there at once... do they tend to rest at the same time or do you just have movement all the time?
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This babe is in a very similar position as ds was. She's head down, facing the back of my left hip (I'm not sure if that's LOA or ROA
). So, her main trunk is along the right side of my body. Her butt is up under my ribs. It was really cute with ds.

Unfortunately, she has had a foot tucked up under her butt for the past 3 weeks. I think she doesn't have enough room to move it now. I am in pain all day long from that dang foot! And, not just when she's wiggling it. I feel a constant stabbing, stinging pain along the top of my uterus, which is worse if she kicks, and it's sensitive even if I touch the skin there. AUGH!!!
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Pretty sure mine is ROA (kind of diagonal)... he's still moving around a bit but his butt seems to be pretty consistently in the upper right of my uterus, his butt and back press out impressively far sometimes! I like to rub his back, too.
I haven't felt much hand or foot movement on my belly, (just a little foot once in a while way above the butt lump by my rib cage, mostly interior punches & kicks) so I think we're pretty consistently Anterior. He seems to tuck his head in on my lower left, so that's hard to find (even for my midwife!) I'm only 31 weeks, though, so who knows what he'll do between now and the end.
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He's consistantly head down (I think he's poked his head up once since I've been able to feel him, and it didn't feel very good for me and he moved back head down almost immediately, with a little coaxing).

But he spins and rolls a LOT, so we don't really have a "general" position. Though if I had to guess, I'd say he mostly goes from LOT to LOA (to LOP?) the most. So, I'm either massaging his feet or his bum
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I dunno the abbreviations, but mine seems to be mostly head down. That is, the homebirth midwives have felt her headdown the past two times I've seen them and she seems to stay mostly in that position. I think she's even facing backwards since I never feel small parts. Most often if she wiggles to one side or pushes especially hard I feel a long, quite distinct back, or big high or low bulges that I guess are head/butt. Fewer and fewer big movements down low, and the littler ones are *way* low so I wonder if she's starting to descend a bit. I'm at 33-1/2 weeks so I dunno if it's too early for that or not.
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She's head down, facing the back of my right hip at the moment. She is also super low these last couple of days. I have been describing the situation to DH as "trying to walk around while holding a bowling ball between my knees"
Mine is facing the back but head is up right under my ribs. I am due end of May so he can still turn but I'd feel better if eh was head down. 4 weeks ago he was head down facing sideways...
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The little one here seems to like being head down for the most part and was enjoying laying with his or her back to my right side most of the time, though now the babe seems to be rolling back and forth. Right now he or she has hiccups that I can feel on the right side down low.
For over a month, baby has been head down, butt under my ribs, back facing my right hip, feet kicking the crap out of the left side of my belly. This was the midwives' opinion, confirmed by ultrasound on Monday. It is too cute (and kinda strange!) when a little foot sticks out of my side! I also pat baby's butt whenever it sticks out (which is a lot, this is a pretty squirmy baby!).
Head down, butt up... other than that I have no idea the direction Niblett is facing...
According to the mw last Monday, LOT, but she wiggles back and forth a lot. I'm short so I don't think she'll change from a head down position before the birth. It's getting crowded in there.
ROA as of yesterday...all my kids have loved ROA for some reason. She was head up a few weeks ago but has thankfully decided to turn vertex. Now let's just hope she doesn't decide to flip in my big ol' roomy uterus
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