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How early did you feel movement?

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I may be crazy, but I think I've felt movement already at 9 weeks. This is babe #3 and I was slim to average pre-preg. Is it possible I feel the quickening already?

When did you feel movement?
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Baby #1 was 18 weeks or so, baby#2 was 14.
With #1 I didn't feel anything until 24 weeks. I had an anterior placenta.

This time, I felt definite movement at 17 weeks. I thought I was feeling things before then, but it could have just been gas.

I have heard other people talk about feeling very early movement here.
I don't think the baby could possibly be big enough at 9 weeks to feel anything, but you would know better than I.

I felt movement around 18 weeks, but this is my first.
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I felt movement at 14 weeks with #1 and at 11 or 12 weeks with #2 (without a doubt). I heard baby starts moving at 6 weeks so I thought it may be possible. The movement isn't the regular fluttering, but a shift and buldge from one side of uterus to another.... I think I'm crazy.
My first pregnancy, I didn't feel movement until 16-17 weeks, but they were vigorous kicks right from the start!

This time, I became aware of very faint brushing-like movements at 9 weeks. Many people say you can't possibly feel movement this early, but it definitely happens. Most women can tell the difference between gas and something moving inside of their uterus, kwim?
14 weeks this time around
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I felt DD at 14 weeks while meditating. I still haven't felt anything from this baby at 18 weeks. Anterior placenta. Maybe I should meditate and see if I can get quiet enough to feel something!
The first time I consciously felt her move was at 19 weeks 4 days. I know I felt her move before that but at the time I didn't know what I was feeling. It was only a few days at most. This is my first child.
with my first~ dd~it was at 14 weeks.
with my second~ ds~ it was a bit before 12 weeks, about the same this time around with my 3rd
:. I'm about 22 weeks now
and can feel from the outside as well

With my first everyone said it was gas, I knew it was my Baby. As she never stopped moving once she started, and the same goes for my ds!

and FWIW I'm a fluffy Mama, I've never understood why it would be easier to feel internal movement if your thin as compared to heavy. From the outside, I could understand but from the inside, I guess I just never got that

Congrats on your pregnancy!!
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I think I felt movement at 9 weeks too with this one. I also doubt my sanity since most people online said it wasn't possible. But I was measuring 14 weeks at nine, and since I was charting, I'm certain of my dates. I remember it, because it was the day I put my dog to sleep and I was a sobbing mess, and when I felt the baby moving, it was thrilling and made me feel a lot better. It was just a little wiggle-worm feeling every once in a while. Then I felt him having hiccups at 13 weeks.

My first I felt at 12 weeks.
also around 9 weeks with this one
. i think i knew what to look for this time around. MW said it was normal to feel it that early
i can't remember when with DS....i think it was a lot later, 12wks, and i was really sick so i don't remember. this time i was just barely into m/s so i was paying more attention
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Well, this is my first child, I felt her move at about 20 weeks or so... and it just felt like a thump at first. I would only feel it every once in a while, and once the weeks passed, I felt her more and more... now it feels like she's having a fiesta every time I try to sleep!
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I was 8 weeks the first time I felt something that I *knew* was baby. I was feeling stressed out, and I was lying in bed cuddling with DH, and I was thinking about the baby and how I was alternately unshakably confident or terribly worried, and I felt a little flick on the inside of my belly, down low. It wasn't gas, because I didn't have gas at the time, and it was a nice strong pop in an upward direction. I pictured it as the baby maneuvering so that he got his whole body to hit the top of my uterus to send me a message that he was Okay.

My mom said I was imagining things, but when I started feeling more regular movement at 16 weeks, it felt (and still feels) pretty much the same way as it did that first time.
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