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I don't remember for sure b/c I only asked her these questions before hiring her for my first birth almost 6 years ago. At that time, I remember she said that btwn she & her mw partner, they had attended over 2000 births. I know both of them worked in the hospital prior to becoming hb mw's so some of those were there. I don't remember how many years she practiced, but I'd say easily 10+. I know I'd be comfortable with someone w/much less experience - I almost hired someone last time who hadn't been a mw all that long (maybe a couple years with not all that many births comparatively). It has to do with the person - how she views birth, how she'd handle certain situations, etc. - in addition to her level of experience. A mw once told me that you (the mw) are shaped by your last 5 births (I'm attempting to paraphrase). I think that's something to consider. If they've had a lot of easy births lately, they'll be colored by that. If they've had trauma or even a death, they might be waaaaay more hands-on than you'd like. So that's all stuff to think about as well.
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