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my current MW has been doing this for over 30 years... sometimes i think it makes her a bit cynical about women's ability to think for themselves... but i do feel very safe with her, now my only worry is can she make it to my birth on time, since she is at least 90 minutes away and baby is due in the winter.

my former MW (now retired) was catching babies for about 9 years when she attended me. she highly recommended the DEM she trained this time around. i was a little put off by the fact that she had only been doing this about 3 years when i met her, but it was obvious when i met her that she was very competant and had attended many births. i was going to use her, but she moved to CO!

anyway, since i have had so many unexpected issues this time around, it's good i have a CNM.... since DEMs are illegal in NY and can't order glucometers or other tests.
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