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I'm not sure how many births my midwife had attended as the primary. Not too many as she became licensed early in my pregnancy. Maybe about 120. But I felt very comfortable with her. She knows her stuff and continually educates herself. There isn't any doubt that she loves her work and strives to be the best midwife she can be, every day.

My previous midwives had nearly 40 years combined experience. I was comfortable with them, but in hindsight we weren't a good match. I just didn't have anything to compare them to, so I was happy with my care. I was telling my husband as we left from my last prenatal appointment with my "new" midwife that I always left feeling really good about myself, our visit, the pregnancy..etc. Whereas there were a few times with my previous midwives that I left just feeling down. They scolded me a lot. At the time, I thought they're care was great, but I'm glad I chose differently this last time.
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