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Our midwife is a midwife trainer. She is exceptionally gifted as well as experienced. She has traveled internationally, learning the techiques of midwifery from other cultures where it is the norm and not the exception. She has more knowledge of healing and curing than nearly every doctor I've ever met. (In fact, I can think of only one doctor that I'd put beside her and they'd probably be equals.)

I am so impressed by our midwife. I would sing her praises to any and all. Anyone in the St. Louis, Missouri area should use this midwife. (Because of the weird laws in Missouri, however, I will not reveal her name openly.)

Our midwife is sought by many in the region to train them to be midwives and her opinions on the skills of other midwives carries major weight in the homebirthing community. We went with her in lieu of a long-time family friend because our midwife's skill and craft so far exceeded that of our family friend.

We love our midwife.
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