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As a mother of two daughters (and not having any more children), I don't know if I have any right to impart my ideas re circumcision to others. (Kind of how parents don't like receiving advice on parenting from someone who has never had children.)

For my part, I am very glad that we only had girls as my dh was rabidly pro-circ & I was so totally opposed that we would have nearly broken up over it! However, in the past year & a half, my brother & two of our nieces have had little boy babies. I briefly mentioned not circumcising to my brother who was horrified at the idea. All three (nieces, & brother & his wife) have circumcised their boys. I am truly very sad for these little boys. However, I don't know if I have any right to try to convince others what they ought to do with their children.

So, I was curious how far any of you go in trying to convince others not to circumcize their sons? Or do you not try to convince them at all b/c it is not your business if it is not your child?
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