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How far in advance to buy/how long will they keep?

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I hope this is in the right place.

I'm planning (hoping) to begin TTC within the next year (though if this year is like last year it may be 2 years from now - lots of roadblocks). I plan to cloth diaper my kid(s?)! I saw a REALLY cute diaper on ebay, which I realize will probably go for higher than I think, but it made me wonder.

If I see really cute affordable dipes now, on ebay or elsewhere (if I lucked out at goodwill or a yardsale or something) should I go ahead and buy? Will the elastic go bad? What if they are used? I'm thinking 2-3 years (I hope it's not that long!) is not too long to keep them, as that's a fairly common child spacing gap. BUT, I wanted your opinions before I go buying things that might not last. Do some kinds last less time than others? I'm thinking that if I buy a couple cute ones now it will 1) feel like I'm doing something toward having a child other than save money and pay off debt, 2) help me pass the time and 3) result in less of a money outlay once I'm actually pregnant.

Also, any recommended ways to store? I was thinking of starting a "baby stuff" box in the closet.

Thank you so much!!!
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If they aren't stored in extreme temps they should be just fine
I've started my stash (and it's already pretty big!) and my dh is nowhere near being ready to start TTC. It's fun for me, and helps me deal with the long wait. I'm not at all concerned with them lasting- my parents still have some of my old CD's that are close to 30 years old, and they are totally fine!
I'm just guessing here, I have no clue if this would help or not...

But what about laundering them a couple of times a year? I'm sure people who use them for 2 babes close in age end up just washing them nonstop for a couple of years. Maybe every time the season changes, take em out wash them up and keep them fresh? JMTC

By the way, I think the idea of buying in advance is great and had I known how wonderful CDing was I would have started sooner as well and I'm sorry I didn't know, because it is a bit of an expense now (of course I don't want the cheaper ones! LOL)
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I think the main concern I would have is the elastics getting brittle. I asked the manufacturer and they thought it would help to wash them every 4 months or so.
So, I'm thinking a box in the closet (non-airtight I guess, but not cardboard?), where the temperatures are normal indoor temps, plus wash them seasonally to keep them fresh and help the elastic to stay stretchy.

Thanks so much for the advice!

Off to search ebay...
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