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How fast could a seamstress make 2 simple outfits?

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hi all,

i'm desperate for 2 simple outfits for my boys. we leave this friday for a wedding, and the outfits i had picked out for them are unavailable. b/c i am pretty picky about what i want (natural fiber, traditional/classic style, and matching), i cannot find ANYTHING. zilch. nada. zip.

so, i'm thinking of finding a seamstress today. but if my timeline is unreasonable, i won't even bother. i don't sew, so i have no clue how long it might take to make what i want.

here is what i want: for my 4 year old: simple button shirt with an eton collar (aka peter pan collar), and elastic waist shorts. for the baby, button up romper with an eton collar. all plain. no embellishments. linen/cotten.

what are my chances???

gosh--i assume a pattern is necessary, right? how do i find one? i only have pix of the outfits.

thanks for your advice!
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I am sure a seamstress could make 2 simple outfits fairly quickly, but it would all depend on other work that the seamstress needs to complete. Maybe if the seamstress isn't busy at all, or if you pay her extra money for a rush job, she would take it on.

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Well those outfits sound cmplicated and would probably take several hours. thats if you came with fabric and pattern and everythign ready to sew. However it is standard in the service industry to charge extra for right away service.
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