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hi all,

i'm desperate for 2 simple outfits for my boys. we leave this friday for a wedding, and the outfits i had picked out for them are unavailable. b/c i am pretty picky about what i want (natural fiber, traditional/classic style, and matching), i cannot find ANYTHING. zilch. nada. zip.

so, i'm thinking of finding a seamstress today. but if my timeline is unreasonable, i won't even bother. i don't sew, so i have no clue how long it might take to make what i want.

here is what i want: for my 4 year old: simple button shirt with an eton collar (aka peter pan collar), and elastic waist shorts. for the baby, button up romper with an eton collar. all plain. no embellishments. linen/cotten.

what are my chances???

gosh--i assume a pattern is necessary, right? how do i find one? i only have pix of the outfits.

thanks for your advice!
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