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How hard is it...

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To make a wool cover? As compared to say, making a fitted diaper. Is the fabric hard to work with? And what's the deal with felting or not felting before you sew? Some sites say to felt it first but then I am always reading about people being worried about felting the covers they've bought by washing them improperly.
So do you felt prior to sewing for some wool fabrics and not for others? TIA Mamas!
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I think making a wool cover is about the same as making a fitted diaper as far as the cutting and sewing of it. It's quicker IMHO since you don't have to do a soaker, though I have added an extra crotch layer to some of my overnight covers.

Your pattern should be larger than your fitted diapers. Day covers can be one layer, night covers should be two layers and bigger (especially through the rise) to fit over thicker night diapers. I have made side snap, front snap, front aplix and pull on covers. I have used recycled sweaters, jackets and yardage, felted and not felted. If the fabric/sweater is already a decent thickness/weight, I skip the felting. Felting makes the wool thicker and decreases most of the stretch (if it is a knit). Sewing felted wool is a little easier (if it's not too thick) because it is less stretchy, more like sewing a woven than a knit. Felted wool also can be machine washed though I've never tried it. Probably the easiest fabric to work with would be wool flannel, unfelted. It's not stretchy and can be bought off the bolt or recycled from skirts or coats. Boiled wool and melton are also less stretchy and don't need felting.

I do turn and topstitch or use FOE since I don't have a serger. You really can make them however you want - just depends on your preference. Be sure to use the softest wool you can find. Lambswool and merino are very soft, shetland can sometimes be too scratchy, though lanolizing can help soften it. Sewing wool covers can be so cheap and easy that it's addictive - at one point I had over 25!
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