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A few weeks ago DD1 and I saw a pretty framed print at the Bombay Company that I really liked. Unfortunately, there is no way I can justify spending $100 on a picture given we live pretty frugally. I thought about it for a few days, then went to Walgreens and bought a foam board ($4), got out the kids' paint, and duplicated the picture at the mall. It isn't framed, but that doesn't matter to me.

Now my orginal artwork is above the fireplace!

In case you think I'm a painter - I have no training and until a couple months ago I would never have attempted this!

Also, as homeschoolers, our family is always on the lookout for creative ways to learn. We read a kids book about art from the library, then cut sunflowers from our garden, grabbed some yellow towels from the bathroom, and recreated Van Gogh's painting "Sunflowers" then took pictures with our digital camera.. Cost? Free. Maybe a dollar if we get some prints made from the picture.

Share your stories and ideas!
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