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How Hot Do U Wash Your FB's?

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The tag says 90F, but does anyone wash theirs in hotter water than that? If so, have you noticed any excess wear on them? I'd prefer to wash mine as hot as possible, but I don't want to destroy them, either.....
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: this is really terrible, i should know better, but I don't even know what my hot water heater is set at.
perhaps I'll go look tomorrow
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We didn't adjust our hot water heater at all. So whatever the standard temp is, that's what we use. Works just fine too!

(FWIW, I do cold soak or short cycle wash with Charlie's, hot wash/cold rinse with Charlie's and additional cold rinse if it was a big load. Works great for us!)
My water heater is set at 120 degrees. I have some FBs that are on their 2nd kid and still work great.
No idea - whatever the hot water at the laundromat is at.

As of today though, it will likely won't be in water that hot - just whatever I get out of my kitchen sink. I have NO idea what the hot water temp is here (in an apartment, where we only get hot water from our kitchen faucets about 60% of the time at best)
Our water is about 140 problems yet after 4 1/2 months.
I've been washing mine for a year in 120 degree water, turned up to 150 occasionally for stripping.

Mine still work great.
Wow, I never even saw that on the tag. How embarassing. I was mine on 125 and air dry in the summer, and sometimes if I have to tumble dry on low for 10 minutes in the winter. No problems yet. These have been going for 3 1/2 months.
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