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How I get an SOS to fit my 4wk old

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I'll admit it's still a little bulky in the crotch, but I'm more than happy to be able to use my mini-stash of SOS dipes this early on. My sweetie is ~9.5 lbs, 13"rise, 13"waist, and 7"legs.

I was disappointed in the foldover/snap option because of the extra bulk at her waist so what I do is fold the top row of snaps back toward her and then fold the very end over the snaps (sort of how you do w/ a Muttaqin for those of you who use those too) and it works! Then I'm able to pull the first side over to the farthest snap and use the crossover snaps all the way over. The fit sort of reminds me of my size 1 SP, but with a little more room in the crotch. Because of this I've had to pull out a few small Bumkins covers, but I am feeling the SOS love
: which may be why I just had to have another bugs and flowers prints today!)

Some pics:
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Looks great and oh, my! that tummy! so sweet.
I'm going to have to try that. I have been snapping the flap on the outside snaps which leaves 2 snaps exposed to dig into her tummy, but it isn't as bulky. This would work much better.
OOOoh that tummy! I remember those brief days of DS having a teeny body everywhere but a round tummy full of milk!!
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