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How I'm getting naturally treated

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Hello. I'm finally feeling a sense of optimism after forgetting about my new-found social anxiety and going to the doctor yesterday (!) despite my husband's lack of support. BTW, my husband now recognizes what I'm going through after what the doctor said.

I just thought y'all might be interested in my treatment plan. My MD is also an Anthroposophical Doctor. Anthrposophy is the spiritual science intuited by Rudolph Steiner, who also started Waldorf schools, bio-dynamic agriculture and so on.

To find an anthroposophic physician near you and to learn more about this medical philosophy the website is

I'm taking magnesium, rubbing a rythmically prepared cream containing rose, lavender and gold over my heart 3 times a day, and giving myself a daily injection of little capsules containing St John's Wart and gold.

The injections, which I inject just under the skin into the fat of my belly are virtually painless -- similar to insulin injections. The body assimilates the remedies this way SOOO much faster than via mouth and our digestive systems. I have studied Anthroposophy for a long time and really feel that my entire being, physical, soul and spirit is getting addressed through this treatment. I had a great day today, we'll see how it goes.

My Dr. will be adding more treatments over the next couple months, he said its important to not overwhelm me in the beginning.

Love to all of you going through this.
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i had no idea that anthroposophic physicians existed. i'm glad you are getting the treatment you need and deserve, mama.

I have studied Anthroposophy for a long time and really feel that my entire being, physical, soul and spirit is getting addressed through this treatment.
i too, really think that my ppd is alot more than just a chemical imbalance. i know i have alot of deep rooted issues that must come to the surface before i can heal, and this is probably why the normal things like going out, excercising, being part of groups and such are only a temporary fix for me.
that said, i probably do have alot of deficiencies nutrition wise, and i am going to focus on that mainly, for now. i need to treat the root causes both emotionally and physically, and not just band-aid it up with a temporary fix like being out all the time.

keep us updated on what treatments your doc also prescribes. are you taking up any therapy?

and i wanted to say a very big thankyou for your post in my thread (resentful of breastfeeding). it made my heart smile..
and i really needed that.

much love to you back!
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Wow. That's great news. Definitely keep us updated.
Wow... totally interested. So nice to hear you're finding possible success from natural methods! Look forward to updates!
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Thanks everyone.

Update: I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I thought I was going crazy this last month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be continuing the above treatment because I do get pregnancy depression.

That's great news!
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