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How important is breakfast *really*??

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I read all kinds of things from "Americans eat so much food, we really only need two meals a day", to "if you miss breakfast, your brain will never get it's jumpstart for the day".

So which is true, do we really need to eat breakfast? How important is it *really*??
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I can't stand eating breakfast. Every time I do, I find myself starving all day long and therefore grazing. When I don't eat breakfast it's much easier for me to eat a couple of regular meals with no snacking.
breakfast is ver important. good carbs and lots of protien (I think most americans need to rethink breakfast) and real food. not processed stuff.

if you skip anything lunch makes the most sense, or have a small light lunch (peice of whole grain toast with peanutbutter and some carrot sticks or peice of cheese)
For me, personally,I have found breakfast to be critical. I need energy to start the day.
I also have much better luck getting ds to eat a lot at breakfast, so then I don't feel so bad when he hardly eats for the rest of the day.
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