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how is everyone feeling

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i am 16 weeks. still haven't felt the baby move. anyone else? i have heard the heartbeat twice though. the mw said i should feel it in the next couple of weeks.

i'm starving all the time. i eat a big breakfast then need to eat again an hour later. i can eat right before i leave the house but i have to bring some protein bars or i will have to stop and eat. i started getting really hungry at my midwife appointment and they gave me some ensure. gross but i was shaking and it helped. i don't think there are twins. just a hungry baby!

my son is already into this. he kisses my belly all the time
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I'm 19 weeks and feeling OK. The last few weeks I've been starving and eating a lot. The scale is starting to show it, too.

I can't believe this, but the last two days I've had waves of nausea again. What in the world is up with that???
Baby is moving a lot now and I soooo want to get an ultrasound to see this little one, but we are still pretty sure we're not going to unless I measure unusually big to rule out twins. I don't know why the twin thing is still so much on my mind, but it is. I'm a little
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18 weeks here and feeling pretty good pregnancy wise. I've had a cold since the 3rd, but now I'm thinking I'm still a little stuffed due to spring allergies. I've felt the baby move a little, but not as much as I would like. I can't wait until s/he gets bigger and all of us can feel the kicks on the outside.

I'm pretty much starving all the time now too. I think I'm trying to make up for the 6lb loss last week while I had a cold. I just can't eat when no air at all is getting through my nose. Last night I had 3 helpings at dinner. Small helpings, but still LOL. I'm about to get myself something to eat right now

A friend brought their 2 week old baby over yesterday. He is so cute. DD was very interested in him and really can't wait to have a baby brother or sister of her own. I can't wait to have a little one to snuggle with either! Too bad September seems so far away!
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I started feeling my little boy move a tiny bit at 16 wks but not really a lot until 18 wks.. now he moves all the time at 20 wks. some people just feel it later.
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17 weeks here, and just last week i started feeling some vague flutters when i lay down to put our son to sleep for the night. i know these aren't gas movements but they are still very vague. i'm looking forward to feeling those recognizable kicks or punches and feeling them or seeing them from the outside. last time it happened right around 19 weeks.

i'm still having the occasional icky feelings. i can't seem to find the right snack combos. eggs are not appealing at all this pregnancy, dairy seems to be giving me a hard time, too, and carbs leave an awful taste in my mouth.

and we have spent way too much money on take out in the past couple of months because i suddenly get an aversion to whatever we have planned for dinner and an accompanying desire for some other random food. in the past week, salads with some protein and creamy dressing have been appealing to me and satisfying my hunger for quite a while.

and my back continues to ache, as does my upper belly. i really need a massage...

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