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How is he managing?

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Ooooh, I am gnawed by terrible doubts. DS is 20 months old. He does not eat a lot of solids, but is very fond of pasta and fruit. He does not get much other liquids other than breastmilk.
But lately I've had nipplepain. I think I might have thrush

DS is sucking strangely lately. He will suck very lightly for ages. He does get some milk, I can see it at his tongue at the breast... it is as if he was drinking from a chewed straw.
And he rarely stays longer than 5 minutes at the breast.
What is going on? Should I see an IBCLC?
I am worried that he won't get enough liquids, but I don't want to hamper my supply. In my desperation I pumped... and got about 1 tablespoon out - not very comforting.
He does have a pacifier to sleep. I never got him off that for naps... that darned nurse that popped that pacifier in his mouth when he was 3 days old - aarrrghhhhhhhhhh!
I just don't know what to do! Is it maybe my fertility returning? Is DS getting enough milk?

I'm so confused and worried
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Do you know how to treat thrush? It's pretty simple. Do a search here for a million tips!!!!
It wouldn't hurt to call an IBCLC if you have one available, or even just call LLL in your area. Please don't be too sad. Try to get him to sippy some water until you figure out what's going on, then you know he isn't getting dehydrated. And FWIW, is it possible you are pregnant?
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