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How is the baby wearing going?

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I just started a few days ago and it really works!! He just started being fussy now that he's awake more. I sewed a mei tai, and I love it - he fits right in there and falls asleep almost instantly. And I can get soooo much done. I haven't mastered nursing in it yet although I wish I could because it would REALLY be helpful.
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It's going wondefully. I have a Maya wrap, and couldnt' be happier (though I have been thinking about giving the Mei Tai and Moby a try). I'm always amazed though at the comments we get when we're out and about- "where did you get that?" "that is so neat!", people have never seen a babe in a sling before. In a way, it kind of makes me sad, kwim?

Anyway, the sling isn't used quite as much at home, mainly because all of the other kids and DH want to hold him. And because my two year old is having a very rough time adjusting to her brother, I do make a point of laying Gage down for about 1/2 hour in the morning so I can focus on just her. Not sure if that's the right thing to do, but I don't know what else to try.
At home, baby is usually just crashed out in my arms or on my chest. For going out in public, or when I need to get stuff done around the house (dishes, laundry, etc.), I am LOVING the wrap that was loaned to me by a member of the local babywearing group. Ilze spends most of her day sleeping anyway, and is completely happy in the wrap.

I also have a NoJo, which works okay (although baby is somewhat lost in all that fabric, since she is so tiny), and a Mamma's Milk sling that I got through an MDC co-op--which hasn't seen hardly any use yet, because I love the wrap so much.

I just bought a Maya Wrap yesterday at the monthly La Leche League meeting, and tried it on today just to check it out; I think it will come in VERY handy. The wrap is great for carrying, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to nurse in it; the Maya Wrap seems like it would be a lot more convenient for nursing, as well as being easier to get on and off.
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So-so. I have a whole bunch of carriers this time around and the one I like the best right now is my Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch. If Leo's sleeping, he will happily stay in there indefinitely. We went on a long walk this afternoon and he loved it. But, like his older brother, he prefers to be upright rather than cradled when at home and awake, which is trickier. I can have him upright in either the KK pouch or the Moby Wrap, although I use my hand to give extra head support. I had someone show me how to nurse him in the pouch the other day (never figured it out with #1) but I haven't mastered it. Peter was much happier in the sling once I could use the kangaroo hold and it looks like Leo will be the same.
Wee Oliver loves it ,and I love it becuase I am abel to spend time with the other children and get housework done. He stays in the sling for as long as I will keep in there...*smiles* He loves it. Were looking into buying a CDX wrap at the midwives office next time were in becuase even though I love my sling, the wraps look REALLY handy.
I really dont know what i would do without our sling.

I have four different slings. We've tried two of them, both pouches, but mostly I am holding her.

I am either doing something really wrong with the Hotsling, or else it is too small, because she just doesn't fit in there!!

I have a Maya Wrap and a Moby Wrap, both of which I need some coaching to use. Maybe this week.
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Originally Posted by nubianamy
I am either doing something really wrong with the Hotsling, or else it is too small, because she just doesn't fit in there!
I had a ring sling w/ DS that both he and I hated. It seemed to slip all the time, and with all that fabric it was so darn big! I really want to be able to sling-nurse DD, now that I have a toddler to wrangle at the same time. So I researched a bunch and decided that a Hotsling would be best for a small, small-chested person like me. They do seem really snug and compact. When Maria's in it, she does seem pretty squished. Which is a good thing when she's sleeping (she loves sleeping swaddled), but a bad thing when she's awake (she's a major wiggleworm).

I tried nursing Maria in the Hotsling yesterday, and she screamed bloody murder. It's probably my technique...but let's just say our first attempt was NOT successful. She did, however, nap quite happily in it the day before.'s a learning process, I guess. We'll keep trying.
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So far we've only been using our KKAFP, we both love it! He falls asleep almost immediately & I can do just about everything while he's in it.

I ordered a Moby of the MDC TP for $21 pp, haven't tried it yet AND I scored a Rockin' Baby Sling for $40 pp, off of the TP - brand new! I also have a Mei Tei from Dd2 that we nursed in at the NYC Nurse In
. Can't wait till I can use that.
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Baby is 4 weeks old now.. Babywearing is going great, she loves her Hug-a-Bub and doesn't mind the Ergo (2005 model, the older model was too wide for her) is usually okay in her Hotsling, and really doesn't care much for the Maya Adjustable Pouch. I don't think I could take care of 2 kids without babywearing. it would be pretty difficult!
It was a beautiful day yesterday, so I took the boys outside. I had Kian in my new Ellaroo. It was very convenient. I was able to pull Aaron around in his wagon, while Kian just slept. I've even figured out how to nurse in the Ellaroo. I was never able to get Aaron to nurse in my Maya Wrap. I still haven't figured out how to get Kian to nurse in the Maya, either. But, I know the Maya will come in handy when Kian is bigger, since it's quicker and easier to get on and put baby in. It also doesn't take up quite so much room in my diaper bag!
Dorothy loves the Maya wrap! I'm so glad, because she doesn't like being put down. What I didn't expect, but which is equally cute and wonderful, is that I'm not sure who likes the Maya wrap more--Dorothy or DH!
I slept for two hours this afternoon between feedings while he studied with her on him, and the same last night. Awwwwwww...
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Babywearing is awesome! I sewed a Maya sling using the instructions on the Maya website. When my little girl gets fussy, it almost always settles her down. I sling her when I go out in public, and she sleeps through everything. People tend to point and stare (in a nice way), so I guess they're not used to seeing a baby in a sling!

i have several different slings.

a maya wrap i had with DD1, love that. used that the most with DD1 and feel very comfortable nursing in it and babywearing with it. we have used it grocery shopping, which i am known for at my local store. most that know me remember me carrying abby that way all the time.

i also have a hotsling i used with DD1 except i didn't use that until she was almost 2, so it has been fun using it with a newborn. i put her in kangaroo style with that, great for quickly getting her in. i don't think we could breastfeed in it right now, can't get it tight enough. i prefer a pouch for quick in and out and not having to readjust.

i also have a moby wrap and a plain gauze wrap that i like for doing housework, etc. i think i am liking the gauze wrap better, definitely cooler and it gets hot here in the summer. i might even have to splurge and get a gypsy mama wrap soon and get rid of the moby! i am loving wraps.

i have a kozy carrier from DD1, but we haven't gotten that out yet. will probably do it in a couple months, but maybe not since i am liking the wrap so much. so versatile.

i also have a watersling that i will use in the shower and the pool this summer. it is made by taylormade treasures.

loved babywearing with abby and she loved it as well. i can tell emmy is going to be a sling babe just like her big sister was!
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we are ALL about the wraps in our house!

i have two Didymos woven wraps and i use them for hours every day. Eve is a puker and i think it helps her to be upright.

i also have 2 ring slings that i love and got me through 2 years with my son. eve prefers the wraps and since she's so floppy still it's easier for me to support her head well in a wrap but the RS's are great for nursing and quick in-n-out.

i would be completely insane if i didn't know how to babywear. i don't know how people do it, i really don't.

i carry business cards for and i give out at least one a day, often more. you'd think the baby was levitating for how fascinated people are by a wrap!
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Not so great here. I cannot get the ring sling adjusted before he gets mad and screams... and well, I can't bear to hear him cry, so I just take him out. I know there is a bit of a learning curve, but I don't remember it being this bad with DD.

I would KILL for a hotsling, but we just don't have that kind of money right now
Hopefully soon, because I feel like I can't get anything done around here. It's kind of hard to was dishes one-handed
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We have a learning curve here as well. Started out with a New Native pouch, with limited success - sometimes it is fine, sometimes she screams. Have a new fleece Hotsling with the same result - but I think it ultimately fits me better than the New Native. Have a summer-weight Hotsling on the way. Have an Ella Roo wrap I haven't even attempted to use.

I am in awe of you able babywearers, and I swear we will keep trying until we join your ranks.
tried my kozy today and yesterday and loved it! so quick to get on and emmy loves it. she likes just about any carrier, but i liked it a lot as well.

used my hotsling at the swap meet today. wished i had brought the kozy though. i did sling abby though on the way out. she is 3 1/2, 28lbs and fit tightly in there in the hip carry. she thought it was soo cool to be in the sling again.

i am on the lookout for a balibaby stretch wrap now... i love sling addictions!
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dawn--don't you sew?? you could make a pouch easily. i don't sew, but a friend learned just to make slings and she made a pouch easily. i bet there is a pattern out there!!

I got some coaching on wearing the hotsling from my midwife. I guess I'm doing it right, but she just looks so squished up and uncomfortable! Maybe I'm projecting my own claustrophobia on her, because she's not fussing much when she's in it. I'll keep trying.

I did use the moby wrap the other day at our weekly common meal (I live in cohousing) and it worked really well. I was able to be hands free while she nursed and relaxed! It looks complicated but I think it's comfortable. I wore her in a few different carries for a few hours.

Originally Posted by Mariposa
dawn--don't you sew?? you could make a pouch easily. i don't sew, but a friend learned just to make slings and she made a pouch easily. i bet there is a pattern out there!!
For some reason I have failed miserably at making a pouch. I can't seem to get the sizing right, and it's just frustrated me. I've already wasted $20 worth of fabric trying, so at this point I'd rather wait and save up to buy one, and make other carriers. I think I'm gonna try a wrap when DH gets paid on Friday. It seems like it has a learning curve too, but it's not like it's hard to make!
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