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Do you find that they run big like most Fuz products? Are they huge around the thighs like Fireflys?

I am thinking about getting dd a large Fuzeasy from someone but I think a medium would fit her better. She has 11" thighs and an 18" waist, but she's very petite overall. She wears her medium Elbees on the next to the tightest snap setting. They were on the tightest snap setting forever, but she had a growth spurt and her thighs and waist grew a little. Medium Fuz fitteds were too big around her thighs before, but they've grown an inch, so I'm going to try them again. I'm wondering if those and the large Fuzeasys might fit her now.

What do you all think? She is 2 and about 24 lbs. Does anyone have pics of large Fuz on a baby around that size?
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